Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 9 months Andrew!

Happy 9 months - eating refried beans!

Bubs is 9+ months! He is growing so fast and is just a bundle of energy. He didn't gain any weight this month because he never stops moving!!! He is pulling up on everything and starting to cruise along the furniture.

What a big boy!
 He is 30.75 inches long
He weighs 20lbs, 3oz.
His first word was "mama!" - it was very obvious :)
His first road trip was to Chicago and visit Forrest and Julie and his cousins there. Then we continued on to visit Katie and Rob and the kiddos in Michigan. We had an absolutely fabulous time with them! Love :)

Not sure about these leaves, mom :)
He had his first double ear infection in September - oh joy :)
He spent many hours car shopping with us and he finally settled in an a Nissan Altima!
Speaking of cars, he has been upgraded to a convertible carseat - much better for all.

I love taking a bath!
 Bubs is just a delight! He has a lot of personality and energy. He doesn't stop moving from wake-up to bedtime. He is a very happy guy, but he has his more unhappy emotions too.
He has 6 teeth, and whenever he is crabby we always hope he is "teething".

Good looking guys!
 Bubs favorite 2 people definitely are mom and dad. But close runner-ups are his grandparents.

Baptism 10/28/2012
We decided to Baptize Bubs, and had that done about 2 weeks ago. It was a great event and very special to have his Nash cousins and auntie/uncle all the way from Michigan! His Godparents are Ben & Ama Johnson, as well as Katie and Rob Nash. Bubs did great with the actual baptism part and we couldn't be happier. He was quite noisy the rest of the service, so that confirms are recent decision to put him in the nursery during the service.

Happy Halloween - a little puppy dog!
 For Halloween, Bubs was a dalmation puppy. He was rather adorable and warmed the hearts of trick-or-treaters young and old. He also brought a smile to Gammie and Gandpa Kunnari's hearts too.

Kids at the door kept on calling him "puppy baby". He was a good helper a grandma and grandpa's house!

Bubs is starting a new daycare in 2 days. Oh my heart. I am pretty sure he is not going to sleep well at naptime for like 1-2 weeks, but we will survive! Hopefully. Apparently when Caleb donated to Praise FM, they took his prayer request and prayed for it on the radio. So now 100,000 people have prayed for Bubs' transition to a new daycare. Ironically enough, Sara, Caleb's mom, heard the broadcast and thought moms/grammies everywhere had a tear in the corner of their eyes. It's amazing how concerned your heart can be for someone, isn't it?


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